Pokémon Go the Best Game You Can Play

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular online games developed by the Pokémon Company. It is one of the revolutionary games that you can play on your android and iOS device. When you play the game you will have a great opportunity to change the roads that are located in your town to become your own universe.

You are required to travel around and do exploration of your surrounding areas to capture gyms, hatch eggs and Pokémon. The difference between this game and others is that you are required to walk the entire distance. This makes you have actual exercise.

The creator of this game has done a perfect job to make your local attractions and sites into what is known as pokestops. Here you will have the opportunity to gather more pokeballs, eggs and other helpful items. Once you have reached a specific level, you can select to join on of the teams and work together with them to defend and capture all the gyms in your surroundings.

Despite that the app is provided free of any charges, there is an in app purchases top assist you in your efforts to become a Pokémon Go cheat professional. You will have the opportunity to exchange real world currency for pokecoins which can then be traded for other items including incense, pokeballs and lucky eggs.

Pokémon Go

In order to get fully immersed in the Pokémon world, you will be required to buy the Pokémon go play accessory. This is a portable device with the ability to connect through Bluetooth and give notification to the player of any in game activity that is near.

As a player you will then have the ability to catch Pokémon and undertake many other simple actions without the need to take their phone out. Just like many other games it is advisable to learn the tricks how to play it, so that you become a master quickly.

Boom Beach Cheats

Features of the Boom Beach cheats

Out of the plethora of games available in the world today, Boom Beach is the most popular game played by millions of people across the globe today. This is a game that involves skills and strategy to defend a big village in the beach using a lot of resources such as diamond. Often, enjoying such games online requires you to go through very tedious procedures in order to get the real game or even could need you to wait for more than a day to build something.

Nevertheless, you have to worry no more because Boom Beach cheats are here to help you out in this since they will allow you to quickly finish building and help you defend yourself better and also grow your beach more.

Boom Beach Cheats

Therefore, here are the features of Boom Beach cheats;

Allows you to get unlimited resources

Boom Beach resources are very important which are very expensive. But with Boom Beach cheats you will be able to get unlimited diamonds and other gems without spending any amount. Therefore, if you have been straining your budget to pay for games, Boom Beach cheats is here to save you of such agony.

It can be used online

Boom Beach cheats accords you the rear opportunity to enjoy its services on the online platforms. It allows you to access it via your Android phone, iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. Therefore, you can be able to enjoy the game regardless of the place or time.

It does not require any sort of special jailbreak

The cheat works without requiring any sort of root control or jailbreak. With the cheat feature, you just need to download Boom Beach in app store and instantly start to enjoy the all the benefits accorded to you by the cheats tool.

Boom Beach cheats are safe and secure for your account

The cheat tool is developed by professionals who ensured that is free from any malware or spyware. It has proxy settings that ensure that you do not experience any troubles while using it. Hence, it is one of the most convenient websites that prioritize your safety.

Clash of Clans Reviewed

We can argue for many hours whether Clash of Clans needs another review or not and isn’t it a bit too late for it. However, the game is constantly updated, and this is a very suitable occasion to talk about why Clash of Clans is today’s highest earning mobile strategy in the world. Get all the answers in our review about why this mobile game can be more fun than your typical big strategy video game.

Free-to-play Gaming vs. “Real Gaming”

Clash of ClansAmong critics there is still this odd stereotype that free games are extremely trivial and may only interest office workers, kids at school and housekeepers who are too lazy to get into “real gaming”. At one point in time there was a sense of fear that somehow mobile gaming may even ruin the industry of console and PC gaming for good.

Fortunately it never happened, as expensive casual games earn billions, and somewhere in parallel universe of ever growing mobile industry games feel just as good. The SuperCell indie team, which is behind the development of Clash of Clans, consists of less than a hundred people, while, for example, Assassin’s Creed team employs more than a thousand. There on a corporate level all the decisions are carefully filtered by the executives, where no mistakes are allowed, but at SuperCell every member considers mistakes a necessary component of innovation.

That is why after the development of about ten games only two have survived. However, total profit from both of these games – Hay Day and CoC – reaches two and a half million dollars a day. And notice, both were distributed on a free-to-play basis.

The World of Clash of Clans

What you can’t ignore as soon as you start Clash of Clans hack sur CoCAstuces.fr is the graphics. Taking into account the fact that the game takes very little space and is very fast – it is more than worthy. Developers filled it with bright colors and interesting characters, and certainly put a lot of details into those sketches. The soundtrack complements the game perfectly, creating an atmosphere of a medieval village straight out of the fairytale.

So, what else do we have in Clash of Clans: magicians, giants, dragons, gold mines, barracks and fortifications. Your job is to sow chaos and destruction, while taking out enemies, such as, goblins and scoundrels. It is also possible to unite in clans and share rewards with your fellow troops.

Structurally CoC edelstenen is very intuitive and anyone who has played similar kind of games can quickly adapt to its simple environment. In the case of robbery your fortification needs to be protected with the help of guns and mortars. There are barracks for hiring troops with the help of which you attack your enemies in combat.

Tips for Beginners

1. By attacking the city, first try to destroy fortifications, and then you can safely proceed to the rest of the buildings. Sending fighters in a certain direction is impossible, but you can arrange them a little closer to the desired object.

2. When you want to go into battle, the city is selected randomly. But it can be too large for you and well fortified. So, if you realize that you can’t cope with it, you can pick up another one by paying 75 coins, which is a good deal if you know you can lose the fight.

3. Other tactical nuances allow you to correct the order of the army and the withdrawal of troops from the battlefield.

Finally, the upgrade system happens in real time and each time lasts longer and longer. Of course, after some time, it takes so much time that you have to make a difficult choice: to pay or not to pay, and if you pay – how much? And, this is where the other interesting part of the game begins.

To Pay or Not to Pay, That is The Question

Hack om gratis edelstenen te krijgen op Clash of Clans. Investing money can significantly help confirm your status in the game, use Clash of Clans hack download to save yourself some real money. You will be able to quickly smash any kind of army, squeeze out the maximum number of resources, and get into the list of the top players. In Clash of Clans, as in real life, money is the equivalent of the measured success and top managers with thick wallets willingly pay for it. SuperCell earn a lot of money and do it exactly in the same way as any other successful developer would. They know their audience and give them what they ask for and don’t hesitate to experiment.

Clash of Clans can take up as much space of your life as you’re willing to give in. Everyone chooses their own depth of immersion, but at the same time everybody’s happy, even those who don’t pay. After all, this must be the only correct approach to a free-to-play model.

Hay Day Reviewed

Hay Day Game

Hay Day offers several hours of enjoyment for young gamers. Developed by Supercell for theiOS and Android platforms, the game simulates different farming activities with a cartoonish flavor. Its brightly colored animations add more weight to the game’s visual appeal.

Hay Day

The Backstory

The backstory is simple and easy to understand. A huge farm has been left for you to tend to. You will take care and raise different types of animals like cows, sheep and chicken and you will also grow crops like corn and wheat. You will also juggle in between other different tasks that come with sustaining a grade A-ranch.

For instance your silo must be painted and your critters must be fed. Occasionally people from other farms or town will swing by offering you money or tasks for your ware like bread or eggs. You can also use a free Hay Day hack to speed things up a lot, these hacks will generate unlimited resources for you and your farm.

Ease of Play

The game starts with a minimal tutorial which teaches the gamer how to operate all the touch screen controls. After clicking and dragging a particular field plot from a shop menu, a user plants corn or wheat.

The number of crops a gamer has access to increases with the level ups. Leveling also triggers availability of more field plots which leads to higher crop yields. Every specific crop takes a specific time to mature. Most crops that appear later in the game take longer to grow. For instance pumpkins takes 3 hours to grow while small crops like wheat take only 2 minutes to grow.

The well-stocked shop menu allows users to buy animals, production mills and livestock pens to add to their plots. If you buy a chicken, a coop pops up in the menu. After you place a coop on your farm, you can house up to around six chicken.

However the chicken can only lay eggs when they are well fed. For Livestock feed you can utilize the crops grown on the plots to make feed. In the initial stages of the game, it is bit easy feeding the chicken, but as other animals like sheep, pigs, goats and cows make their way into the scene, feed mills must work extra hard to keep up with the increasing demand for food.

After that you can collect hundreds of eggs for Egghead or get lots of milk from your cows for goat milk. When it comes to item collection, a gamer must wait in real time before his or her farms’ products to be ready for collection and then sold. Although it takes a few minutes for corn to grow or about 30 minutes for cows to yield milk you can speed up this process using diamonds, which are always in limited quantity but you can acquire more as you continue gaming.

The Graphics

One of the strongest sides of this game is the graphics. Beautiful, rich and detailed with zoom and landscapes plus pan. The game’s presentation is also cinematic for a mobile games. It is very candy, the controls are nonintrusive, smooth and can use an iPhone’s touch screen as well. For instance, you can just tap on your favorite plot, then move your finger across to collect all the grown crops.

You will also use the same techniques to gather all sellable products that your animals will yield like milk or wool. The game also allows you visit other farms through Facebook. To view all the achievements you have unlocked, simply click or tap on your house.

Final Thoughts

Hay Day provides a great and interactive gaming environment for all age brackets. The game cautiously all the negative sides of farming and activities like slaughtering of cows, pigs or sheep never comes into the picture. Machines carefully extract bacon from pigs without any form of pain or harming them. Therefore young kids can learn the important role agriculture plays in the society without getting too much exposure to the negative sides of the cycle.

Hay day allows users to experience an environment where selling and buying goods leads to success or achievement. The game also promotes community building through inclusion of different roadside markets via which different gamers aid each other’s goals. Hay Day permits young farmers to learn about the different aspects of an agricultural economy without pushing them to the limits.

Overall it is a steal and a gem for being in the App Store for free. If you fancy simulation games, then look no further than Hay Day. It is visually pleasing and it will keep your hidden agriculturalist giddy for several hours.